Established 2014 "All The News That's The Shit" Number 69

Chris Nicolo

Chris Nicolo is a drummer, composer, private drum instructor and music therapy teacher and in the case of The Mackenzie Dylan show an actor and third partner.

So, on a cold winter's evening in 2011 I get a phone call from long time writer friend of mine Ted Pirro. Ted- "Hey Chris, Vince and I just finished a pilot script for a show, wanna hear about it?" Me- "Sure". After Ted told me the basic premise I truly thought it was the most original idea I have heard in a while and I was very curious to see how it would play out in script format. Knowing Ted and Vince's passion and prowess for the written word I was eager to see what they came up with. Long story short I read the script for Unemployed Jesus and was blown away. Not only was it original but the script was a perfect balance of humor and social commentary. I called Ted and said "we have to make this!" So the Mackenzie Dylan show was born!

I originally started out just playing my small part in all of this which consisted of one line, writing all the original music and leading the band. As time went on it became apparent that Ted, Vince and I were on the same page with this project on pretty much everything and shared the same vision.......I became partner #3.

The show has been a welcomed challenge for me as I am accustomed to running a musician's life. Over the past couple of years I have taken on roles like Ted's assistant director, actor, location scout, driver, social media planner, fund raiser and idea consultant. It has been really fun and gratifying to see this project come to fruition over the last couple of years.

So, as stated above, I am a musician. I spend most of my time freelancing as a drummer and have played in just about every musical situation imaginable including touring. I also compose commercial/cinematic music and write for myself when I feel the muse strike. I teach private drum and piano lessons and am active conducting music therapy sessions in the New York and surrounding areas.

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