Established 2014 "All The News That's The Shit" Number 69

Frank Nicolo

Frank Nicolo retired from the J. Walter Thompson advertising agency in 1995 where he was a vice-president and creative director. While there he created a number of memorable TV campaigns for clients like Burger King, Miller High Life and Kodak.

So, how did I wind up being cast in The Mackenzie Dylan Show? Long story but I'll make it short. In 1960 I graduated from college where I majored in advertising design. That means I was trained to be an art director in the ad biz. I spent the next 35 years conceiving, writing and producing commercials. By 1995 I had enough of looking through camera lenses and making visual decisions. There had to be another way to get my creative jollies so I decided on performing art. I took acting classes. Voice lessons (yes I did musicals too). Studied improvisation and believe it or not even took classes on how to act in soap operas. Concurrently, I was also appearing in numerous Off-off Broadway plays and student films. So, after 10 years why did I give up acting? Because to get into a Broadway production (where actors get paid) you need an Actor's Equity Union Card. If you can't get one, you're stuck in the world of Off-off Broadway and in that world you don't make a dime. So I retired and took up golf. A couple of years ago my cousin, Chris Nicolo, one of the producers of The Mackenzie Dylan Show asked if I'd play a small part. I did and it was good to be exercising my acting muscles again. A few aches and pains but I've recovered and am ready for my recurring role.

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