Established 2014 "All The News That's The Shit" Number 69


As he approaches the threshold of middle age, Mackenzie Dylan looks like a guy who has it all. He's smart, funny and handsome. He's well respected as a successful New York Daily News political columnist. He lives in a beautiful Manhattan apartment and has an inseparable -albeit neurotic- best friend. But Mack Dylan carries his share of baggage-a repressed childhood, an inability to express emotions, a failed engagement and a tendency not to deal with his disappointments. When life overwhelms Mackenzie Dylan that's when the 'real world' takes a station break and "The Mackenzie Dylan Show" goes on the air! "The Mackenzie Dylan Show" is the imaginary talk show 'broadcast' exclusively inside Mack's head! It's an irreverent, internal gabfest were the host puts his neurosis into perspective.

Nothing is safe from Mackenzie's acerbic wit and pointed truth bearing observations on his guest panel. Pop culture, politics, social culture, his relationships, his distant father, his superficial, elitist mother as well as his over achieving ex-fiance are all queried to help him reveal what makes him tick!

"The Mackenzie Dylan Show" is a proposed edgy original mini-series co-created by Vince Marino and Ted Pirro that is made up of 7 20-minute installments and 1 30 minute series finale. Each episode will juxtapose Mack's 'real world' with his 'TV talk show universe' including excerpts from the show featuring his monologues, sketches and soul searching interviews while deftly balancing comedy with pathos "The Mackenzie Dylan Show" is taking the initiative to be bold, original, thought provoking and very, very funny.


Main and recurring Characters

Mackenzie Dylan - the titular hero, in his late 30's Mack is everyone's "Guy's guy" smart, funny light and airy -quick with a quip and fond of a shot of scotch (or 2) Mack is the quintessential "Dude" who has trouble embracing his "feminine" side or displaying emotions or closeness. His father was a hard ass military man who never validated his son's feelings or praised his achievements which created resentment and distance. This relationship also triggered his anti-establishment, rebellious and iconoclastic attitude. His mother was a bigger role model with her artistic inclinations that she suppressed to favor her conservative husband. With a tendency to engage in passive aggressive, manipulative behavior, Mrs. Dylan has sacrificed her idealism for social climbing elitism which has created a chasm between her and son. Mac uses his "Talk show" as an "inner dialogue" to deal with these issues.

Jim Gaborini - Mac's life long best friend and partner in crime. In Mac's words "His Ethel Mertz". The self loathing "yang" to Mac's confident "Yin". "Gabbo" is in many ways Mac's opposite. Neurotic, insecure and prone to darker moods he is also brilliant and blessed with a biting wit. Unlike his compadre, "Gabbo" wears his emotions on his sleeve as he feels his life is unwinding due to a messy divorce and custody battle. His loyalty to his buddy remains unswerving.

Vanessa David - Mac's "Announcer" and "2nd banana" on his "imaginary" talk show, Vanessa is the "projection" of the smart aleck girl who works behind the counter of the local pizzeria. She appears in sketches and generally provides comedic support. Her function in Mac's inner dialogue is to provide a rational counter to Mac's id. She's Paul Shaffer with great breasts.

Karen Mancini - Mac's Ex-fiance -brainy, beautiful (a lawyer specializing in constitutional law for the ACLU) and just a general all around "Cool broad" (Mac's words). Mac has remained friends with Karen despite the failing of their relationship and the infrequency of interaction. A palatable chemistry remains as well as mutual respect. Karen tolerates his self absorbed tendencies and idiosyncrasies but cannot stand his inability to open up emotionally. Mac has admitted to being intimidated by her intellectual independence from him and smothered by her emotional needs. Regardless, Karen is the true love of his life and has been his moral center.

Chris Nicolo - In the "real world" Chris is the aspiring musician and over all cool guy who works as the doorman @ Mac's apartment. On "The Mackenzie Dylan Show" he's the 'musical director' and band leader as wellas an additional comic foil recruited for sketches.

Daniel Dylan - Mac's over achieving older brother who casts a great shadow. Always favored by his parents, Dan did all the right things and never rocked the boat in the family exasperating Mac's status as the malcontent "black sheep of the family". A love/hate dynamic exists from Mac's perspective however he generally is respectful of his older sibling.

As mentioned, the program will consist of 8 episodes; 7 20-minutes in length, (incorporating both the "real world" story line plus excerpts from the "talk show" - including monologue, key interview, sketches, band segues, musical guests, etc.) + 1 30-minute series finale. The talk show segments will correlate with the plot points of the real world segment s which usually center around one of his column topics.

The Pilot episode will establish the series framework and characters.


Mack Dylan is in hot water. One of his columns criticizing the religious right and the inadequacy of religion has caused a fire storm - boycotts have been threatened causing our atheist inclined hero to stress. A Dinner with his Catholic inclined best friend Jim triggers a philosophical discussion that gets his pal heated. Mack "retreats" into his fantasy world and his "inner" talk show where his first guest is none other than Jesus Christ. Christ proves to be an open and revealing interview and displays a real good sense of humor as well.

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