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Christ resurrected, plans World tour w/Dali Lama, Dokken

Considering his life and death resulted in thousands of years of hysteria and that his recent "resurrection" will surely produce more, The most influential man in human history is surprisingly laid back and seems a bit bemused by the mania he inspires.

"Dude, Patti Smith never died for MY sins" cracks the savior. "I'm more popular than John Lennon and The Beatles now!" he chortles.

Monologue Joke Of The Day

From Mac's Monolouge 8/23/2014: "To smooth over her recent negative comments about his presidency, Hillary Clinton said she and Barack Obama will "Hug-it-Out" next time they meet. Hearing this, Bill Clinton said he also will "Hug-it-Out" with political rivals Megan Fox, Angelina Jolie, Sophia Vergara, Scarlett Johanson, and that hot waitress who works at The Olive Garden."

Public Service Announcement

In an effort to erase mounting tension and suspicion within the police and The African-Americans, police officers are giving FREE Heimlich maneuver demonstrations in the Black communities.

Apparently, choking related deaths have increased in African-American males in the past year-it is now third behind

WARNING: Contains Adult language and images that are feared by a hypocritical bourgeois society - discretion advised!


Mack Dylan is in hot water. One of his columns criticizing the religious right and the inadequacy of religion has caused a fire storm - boycotts have been threatened causing our atheist inclined hero to stress. A Dinner with his Catholic inclined best friend Jim triggers a philosophical discussion that gets his pal heated.

Exclusive - The ACTUAL controversal Sarah Palin column that got Macky D fired

From The New York Daily News Oct. 4, 2011:

Abbott had Costello. Penn has Teller. Mick - Keith. Jonny - Ed. Bonnie even had Clyde. Then how sad was this country's perceived state of affairs that a man with a record of extensive congressional service and unimaginable bravery and patriotism could agree to choose the Alaskan Annie Oakley as his running mate for the most important office on earth?

Marcus Bachmann's Hetero House: Where "Gay" is a four-lettered word

By Vince Marino & Ted Pirro

It's one of those surrealistic images you view pre-dawn on Late, Late night programming or a UHF religious station. A man in dubiously decorated military attire barks at the camera and gestures powerfully.


As he approaches the threshold of middle age, Mackenzie Dylan looks like a guy who has it all. He's smart, funny and handsome. He's well respectedas a successful New York Daily News political columnist. He lives in a beautiful Manhattan apartment and has an inseparable - albeit neurotic - best friend. But Mack Dylan carries his share of baggage - a repressed


By Ted Pirro

The story of "The Mackenzie Dylan Show" is essentially a story of friendship. I've known Co-Creator Vincent Marino for 33 years. It was from his "Creative Vagina" (zip locked in an air-tight placenta) that the amazing, original idea of a neurotic malcontent who must work out his

MADONN': "Jersey Shore" & the decline of Western civilization

Ladies and Gentlemen, It is not my intention to alarm you but we are dealing with a tremendous threat to the fabric of our society. It's all over the news and even our politicians are getting involved. Apparently it's important enough to divert their attention from the threat of terrorism, the precarious economy and

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